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At the time of writing, Bad Moms has apparently already made almost $56 million big ones at the box office and it’s my bet it will double, triple and even inspire a TV series. Yes, sisters, it’s. that. good.

Think the Hangover meets Sex and the City – Bad Moms is crass, irreverent and confronting, yet oh so relatable it will make you squirm in your seat on more than a few occasions. And just like SATC, if you’re a Mum, you’ll see yourself in at least one (if not all) of the main characters which can uncomfortable, comforting and hilarious all at the same time.

Continuing on with our SATC comparison, the main characters could be Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte (ditching Miranda, I mean, who ever liked her anyway?) but are now Mums living in the burbs. Amy, Carla and Kiki but ‘living the dream’ of the white picket fence variety, swapping their Manolo’s for Kumfs and their Cosmopolitans for long blacks, their days as Moms are tedious, long and unfulfilled.

The main character of Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is as genuinely sweet and likeable as Carrie, albeit less the expansive wardrobe and cigarettes. Married to husband Mike, Amy has two children after shacking up early with her first baby arriving at aged 20. But life is far from rosy – Mike is useless, lazy and narcissistic. More like a flatmate than a husband, he offers next to nix when it comes to responsibility in providing, housework or child-rearing let alone noticing his wife’s undeniable attractiveness or needs. After catching him cheating on her over the internet, Amy has no option but to confront her feelings of rage and complacently towards him. Kicking him to the curb and out of the house, she realises his only purpose may well have been to be the glue that held her, and in turn the family unit together simply by sitting on the couch.

In between this, Amy (like most Mums nowadays) is juggling more than her fair share of burdens in running the entire household; think school projects, soccer practice, working a part-time (aka full time) job in a coffee company for a clueless hipster boss and throw in a sick dog with vertigo “Who knew this was even a thing?”, she’s almost at breaking point. The final blow is Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) who, as the head of the PTA strives for perfection in not only herself but demands it of others, pushes Amy that little bit too far regarding delivery of bakery goods in the upcoming all American bake-sale. Think Michael Douglas in Falling Down, you just know Amy’s about to blow but, depending on the wind direction, we just don’t know which way.

It’s here she meets fellow unfulfilled and equally unhinged Moms Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell) who, for their own miserable reasons have all converged at the local dive bar for sweet relief. It’s over a few shots, wines and basically anything to get them drunk that they bond over their shared loathing of the perfect Mom (whatever the hell that is), of Gwendolyn and her ilk and compare stories of their perceived shitty mother skills. They bond even further after a drunken romp around the fluorescent-lit local supermarket culminating in an all-night bender. Deciding to quit striving for unobtainable perfectness at her own expense, Amy throws down the gauntlet to her newfound besties to just, well, fuck it. “Let’s be bad Moms”, she declares. What ensues is a battle against the excellence Gwendolyn represents and what we behold as good parenting, all to side-splitting results. Nothing is sacred or off limits in this film and it’s here you can tell comedy genius Judd Apatow (think Train Wreck, This is 40 etc) had a heavy hand in its production.

Reuniting Kunis and Bell since Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the cast truly deliver a stellar performance with Kathryn Hahn the lubricant that completes the triangle of deranged friendship as the hilarious, sexually- empowered single Mom. Bell is subtle and on-cue with Applegate simply picking up her role of Veronica Corningston from Anchorman and placing it down with a side-dish of bitchy to perfection. Jada Pinkett-Smith (cue Miranda?) is in there somewhere too.

Bad Moms is of course a comedy (and a great one at that) but at it’s core, its an insight into the struggles of all Mums who said they wanted it all, yet didn’t realise this meant they had to do it all. Dad’s don’t feature much in this film and that’s the point – it makes us question the reality of the enormous pressures we are all under as Mums and the additional expectations we put on ourselves and those around us. The answer of course is a life-hack from John Farnham in ‘taking the pressure down’ by drinking more, supporting other Mums and to quit being all Rebecca Judd-gey about whose life is better. Because at the end of the day, we all suck at it. Some of us just look better on Instagram. Ya dig?

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Time for a tyre check

Bob Jane T-Mart Tread Safely Week

Tread Safely week launches 5th to the 11th of September each year and just like a breast check for Pink Ribbon Day, it was created in order to remind you to check your tyres.

Given the health of your tyres is super important to ensure the safety of yourself and your precious cargo (not to mention other road users and pedestrians), the wonderful people at Bob Jane T-Mart (aka BYTM) have created a pretty nifty was to check your tyres, DIY style.

Like most women, we can safely assume you know next to nix about tyres. Thing is, you can use some handy-dandy items easily found in the bottom of your bag to check them out all by yourself.

Whether it’s your nail file, hair comb or even a good old Lady Jayne bobby pin, just look for the groove on your tyre and gently wedge it in; if the depth of your tyre is less than 2mm, it’s time to high tail it to your nearest BJTM.

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Sneak peak of 2017 Pirelli Calendar

When you’re talking about the ultimate in celebrity endorsement, you can’t go past the famous Pirelli Calendar.

Tyres have never looked so good with the soon to be released 2017 calendar snapped by world renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh on location in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Le Touquet (North of Paris) and in New York.

Dating back to 1963, the Pirelli calendar is well known for not only showcasing the world’s most beautiful models photographed within - but for the photographers who shoot it.

This year, however, the line up is more movie star than model with snaps of A-list actresses featuring such names as our very own Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman, Robin Wright and Penelope Cruz Sanchez gracing the month by month pages.

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It's Time for a Tyre Check

There is only one thing more boring on the face of this planet than cricket, and that’s tyres. You can shine, style and soup them up all you like, but at the end of the day (and that day is looooong for most women), all roads lead back to Snoozeville. Women simply are not that interested in tyres. Yet we should be. And here’s why:

Sorry to be the Richie Benaud of the automotive world. However, we need to have a serious conversation. Sure we all know the tyres on our car keep us safe – yeah, yeah, we get it already. But do you?

Driving on bad tyres can result in you losing control of your vehicle, and can cause a serious accident – and we are meant to check them every fortnight! The reality of buying and maintaining the right tyres on your car can truly be the difference between life and death, and at some point, all tyres will start to lose performance in terms of their traction and braking ability. It’s time to tread carefully, sisters.

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Review Bad Moms

At the time of writing, Bad Moms has apparently already made almost $56 million big ones at the box office and it’s my bet it will double, triple and even inspire a TV series. Yes, sisters, it’s. that. good.

Think the Hangover meets Sex and the City – Bad Moms is crass, irreverent and confronting, yet oh so relatable it will make you squirm in your seat on more than a few occasions. And just like SATC, if you’re a Mum, you’ll see yourself in at least one (if not all) of the main characters which can uncomfortable, comforting and hilarious all at the same time.

Continuing on with our SATC comparison, the main characters could be Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte (ditching Miranda, I mean, who ever liked her anyway?) but are now Mums living in the burbs. Amy, Carla and Kiki but ‘living the dream’ of the white picket fence variety, swapping their Manolo’s for Kumfs and their Cosmopolitans for long blacks, their days as Moms are tedious, long and unfulfilled.

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Best Luxury Car - Nominees


Dreams can come true and buying a luxury vehicle is high on any girls wish-list.

The Honda Accord V6L

Powerful. Smart. Good-looking. This car is seriously impressive. Loads of legroom is just the beginning when it comes to comfort, with power adjustable heated seats and an electric rear sunshade adding further opulence to your ride. Adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts your speed so you don’t creep to close to the car in front of you, and is just one of a plethora of safety features in every facet of this car.

For more information:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

The ultimate in luxury, elegance and performance, this stunning vehicle features a sumptuous and inviting interior, including premium leather-trimmed heated seats with edge welting and wood accents offset by chrome detailing.

The new seven-inch multi-view display lets you tailor your personal settings and graphics, with detailed vehicle information ranging from a full speed gauge, navigation system, Selec-Terrain® system, Quadra-Lift® system and more, are integrated into the advanced, colour-coordinated cluster.

A confident and elegant exterior design exudes glamour from every angle, with features premium styling treatments including new, modern front grille and fascia treatments, daytime running headlamps, projector fog lamps and capless fuel fillers.

For more information:

KIA Optima Platinum

This medium sized, stylish sedan delivers an impressive list of specifications, backed an Unlimited Kilometre Seven Year Warranty. There’s high-tech refinement and safety features, combined with a sleek, dynamic profile and 18” inch alloy wheels, which ensure all the ingredients for an exceptional driving experience.

For more information:

Holden Commodore 415V

With a breathtaking drive, thanks to the power and performance of the 6.2 litre LS3 V8 engine, this baby is a dream on the road. The front sports fascia with aero-sculptured wheel arches creating a seamlessly sleek profile. This level of refinement is carried over to the sleek exterior lines and new LED tail lamps, to the equally stylish interior, which boasts Head-Up display to project an important cluster information on the windscreen, including speedometer, GPS turn-by-Turn and indicator signals minimising distraction from the road.

Safety features include Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Alert and Reverse Traffic Alert.

For more information:

Ford Territory MKII Titanium

With a contemporary interior design featuring the ultimate in comfort, the Territory MKII Titanium has a range of driver-friendly technologies that you’ll love.

Make and take calls, ask the SatNav to take you home, adjust the interior cabin temperature or ask to hear your favourite artist.  Steering-wheel mounted controls let you easily manage your devices without taking your hands off the wheel, so keeping your ears satisfied needn’t mean sacrificing safety. Passengers in the second and third row seats also have the luxury of enjoying a movie played from the roof mounted rear DVD system on Titanium models.

Its eye-catching design features an 11” prestigious front grille and dynamic styling, giving the vehicle unique energy on the road and a real presence in the driveway. Boasting a whole range of innovative features, the Territory is intuitively designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Its diesel engine is cutting-edge - cleaner, more economical and quieter than you’d imagine a diesel could be. With a host of safety features to keep you and your family safe, it’s a hard buy to go past.

For more information:


Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe

With a revised design that features a sporty front and a powerful rear, this is the epitome of luxury. Its interior - inspired by aircraft design – features striking lines, a first-class instrument panel and plenty of elbow room.

The coupé-specific seats marry sportiness with true comfort, while contrasting colours add freshness and light. Think: deep-sea blue in combination with the silk beige appointment colour, trimmed with the polished aluminium design.

An optional panoramic sliding sunroof with electric roller sunblinds conveys a generous sense of space, extending back over the rear seats. It is about twice the size of conventional sliding glass sunroofs and gives the interior a particularly bright and friendly ambience.

For more information:

Audi A8

With distinctively structured surfaces that are both dynamic and awe-inspiring, there is not a single line on this car without a function. The choice of materials lend a palpable sense of exclusivity, while top-class workmanship sets new standards. Yep, the new A8 is designed for complete and utter comfort.

Whether its sportiness, comfort, design, or functionality that you demand from your Audi, there’s a wealth of equipment options available to satisfy your needs.

From exquisite inlays to the comprehensive range of interior colours and superior quality leather, and the lavish spaciousness blended with an exquisite ambience, this innovative technology entertains and delights.

For more information:

Volkswagen Toureg R Line

If you want to convey status, presence and elegance, this car is for you. The stylish body design features a new front-end design, new exterior colours and new alloy wheels.

Inside, the new trim insert “Sapelli mahogany” ornamental wood is accentuated with interior chrome highlights including chrome frame around interior door controls, with handle, lock/unlock button and mirror adjustment switch, as well as the modified chrome frame surrounding the infotainment unit and air vents.

Comfort-wise, 14-way electrically adjustable front seats are a standard feature across the range, while a generously proportioned interior and a high seating position, makes it a breeze to get in and out.

The centre dash features a new button design for fast and easy access and switches have been enhanced for climatronic, mirror adjustment, infotainment and air vents.

Increase safety equipment includes the new multi-collision brake, and innovative assistance systems.

For more information:

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé combines stunning looks and typical BMW performance with innovative functionality. Highlights include excellent head and legroom, a large boot and unique design elements. Its dynamic driving characteristics are emphasised by the optional Adaptive M suspension and the efficient, high-performance TwinPower Turbo engines, which makes this cat the perfect blend of dynamics, elegance and comfort.

For more information:

Mini Paceman

When it comes to luxury, this is the car for those who think they’ve seen it all. With all the driving excitement of a Sports Activity Coupé, athleticism and elegance in equal measure, and an undeniably urban edge, it’s stylishly stretched and high riding at the same time - a paradox on Light Alloy Wheels. Now with the added safety of the Tyre Pressure Indicator, you can choose from three strong engines and endless exterior and interior customisation options to configure the car to suit your style.

For more information:

Jaguar XJ

An exhilarating combination of power, beauty and refinement, XJ is perfect whether you’re in the mood to drive or to stretch out, relax and be driven. With its fusion of honed dynamic lines and sculpted elegance, it fulfils the key Jaguar aesthetics:  beauty, purity and simplicity.

The view from inside is exceptional: a panoramic, heat-reflective glass roof extends to the full width of the car and sweeps back and over the rear seats. It filters UV rays and floods the interior with natural light making it feel beautifully airy, enviably spacious and, thanks to effective tinting, very private.

Speaking of interiors, this delivers standards of luxury and comfort that are hard to beat. The panoramic roof and the handcrafted veneer that runs around the cabin accentuate the impression of space. Featuring over a metre of legroom for rear passengers, it is the perfect environment in which to work, enjoy a host of entertainment options, or simply stretch out and relax.

For more information:

Range Rover Autobiography

A panoramic roof enhances the already spacious car’s feeling of light and space, with a connection to the world outside. Inside, massage seats with five programs for both the driver and front seat passenger, make long journeys a breeze, while contrast-stitched Semi-Aniline leather with high-grade hides, hand-picked for exceptional suppleness and natural appearance, top the luxury off in incredible style.

For more information:


This luxurious sports sedan with elegant design and extraordinary technology brings all your senses to life. A flawless aerodynamic design, sensational handling and performance, give the Suzuki Kizashi has the soul of a sports car. With its smooth, powerful engine and totally accurate handling, the Suzuki Kizashi inspires confidence with every bend in the road.

For more information:

Subaru Liberty 3.6R

Sleek, sophisticated and spacious, the Liberty is anchored by the pure power of Subaru’s horizontally exposed boxer engine and unveils exceptional innovation with its EyeSight Driver Assist System, which is standard on all variants.

A lower rear roofline, enlarged boot lip, smoother front and rear bumpers and 18-inch alloy wheels, delivering an overall improved aerodynamic performance, enhance the silhouette.

For more information:

Hyundai Genisis

A large, premium sedan, this features sophistication European styling, with bold flowing lines and a graceful, restrained elegance. Its exterior features a panorama glass roof, fluidic sculptural lines, hands-free smart boot and electric folding mirrors with puddle lamps. A spacious interior boasts contemporary thinking and design, with high quality materials and soft touch surfaces accentuating its luxury.

For more information:

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed

Luxurious, inviting, tough and reliable, this car will inspire you with confidence and spirit. Its deluxe interior is a far cry from the terrain it is designed to conquer. No matter how far from civilisation you take the Pajero, it will take you in style and comfort, with the latest technology at your fingertips.

Offering generous head and legroom for up to seven occupants, its versatile seating arrangements can match any of your stowage needs. Third row seats are easily stowed under the cargo floor to create a wide, flat storage space or removed completely to give you a convenient under-floor compartment. Second row seats can also be folded down to provide space for nearly anything you want to bring along for the ride.

For more information:

Nissan Patrol Ti-L

With a long, proud history and reputation for versatility, capability and extreme performance, the new Patrol carries a proud reputation and a distinct sense of refinement, with groundbreaking technology and exceptional comfort. Its engine is the most powerful in its class, but still boasts remarkable fuel efficiency. Technologies include everything from the practical, the useful and the downright indulgent. Think: Satellite Navigation System, Bluetooth Connectivity, Seven inch multi-format screens in the second row, front DVD player and eight-inch screen, plus push button start, climate control, music hard drive and more.

For more information:

Lexus GS 350 F Sport

Expect nothing less than exhilarating power and superior handling teamed with intuitive safety systems that allow you to keep your focus firmly on the pleasure of this baby’s performance.

Every exterior feature has been painstakingly planned to create a vehicle that is not only beautiful, but provides intelligent technology to deliver a peerless driving experience. Whether it's self-restoring paint which can restore itself when scratched, mirrors that automatically dim when they are dazzled by headlights, or an eight head Clearance and Reversing Sonar, which increases the ease of parking while reducing the risk of damage, this is for those who demand the highest automotive standards.

For more information:

Volvo XC 90

What do you get if you cross leading-edge technology, unimaginable style, luxurious pampering and seven-seater practicality? The Volvo XC 90, that’s what. Functionality and design marry seamlessly in this luxury SUV, both inside and out. Finished with the finest materials and designed to stand out on the road, this is truly a work of the finest Swedish craftsmanship.

For more information:


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