Music to keep warm to


As the days start to get chillier, the time comes for curling up in the sun in slouchy sweaters with a steaming mug of Cup-a-Soup and fingerless mittens. And the latest autumn tunes streaming from your headphones. This is what’s on offer...

Gin Wigmore ‘Gravel and Wine’
When she’s been naughty, it’s Virginia Claire Wigmore, but her adoring fans chant one name only. Since the release of her EP, Extended Play and her first album Holy Smoke, Gin has fashioned a dedicated following of fans in her home countries of Australia and New Zealand. Her grungy sound of rock, folk and ballad makes her seem like the love child of Duffy and Van Halen. Her latest (aptly titled album), Gravel and Wine sums up what Gin Wigmore does so well -  a voice as raw as nails sung with a heart of gold.

Of Monsters and Men ‘My Head Is An Animal’
If their first song, Little Talks (from new album ‘My Head Is An Animal’) is anything to go by, great things are to be expected from Of Monsters and Men. Not only is Little Talks an evocative song to listen to but the music clip is similarly as awesome. If you love Florence and the Machine for her heart-felt vocals and Mumford and Sons for their instrumental flourishes, Of Monsters and Men are your guys (and girl).

Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday...Roman Reloaded' 
We all need a bit of hop/pop on the iPod, even in Autumn (Crump to keep warm, people). Yes, Nicki Minaj looks like she was sucked into a fairy floss machine and spat out the other side, but she must be doing something right because she’s the flavour of the month with the big league collaborators – Kanye, Jay-Z and most recently, Madonna (and you know you’ve made it if you’re swapping saliva with the Material girl herself). Nicki Minaj’s all new studio album, Pink Friday...Roman Reloaded is racing up the charts thanks to the leading pace of signature song, Starships.

Hits For Mum
That’s right, mammas! There’s a compilation made specifically for you with all your favourite tunes – makes doing the dishes, driving the kids and vacuuming the living room that little bit more enjoyable with this CD in the player. With hits from the hottest around town – Maroon 5 (hello, Adam Levine), LMFAO, Jessie J, Carrie Underwood and more, you’ll be breaking a sweat and warming your vocal pipes with this winning compilation.

The Audreys 'The Audreys Collected'
For those real chilly Autumn mornings which should only be spent curled up beneath the covers, The Audreys Collected album makes the perfect background music. A favourite of ours from the blues & roots category, The Audrey’s epitomise folk fabulousness. The Audreys Collected features their three previous albums in one neat package, including additional b-sides, live tracks, videos and unreleased material. Think we’ll stay in bed just a little bit longer...

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Time for a tyre check

Bob Jane T-Mart Tread Safely Week

Tread Safely week launches 5th to the 11th of September each year and just like a breast check for Pink Ribbon Day, it was created in order to remind you to check your tyres.

Given the health of your tyres is super important to ensure the safety of yourself and your precious cargo (not to mention other road users and pedestrians), the wonderful people at Bob Jane T-Mart (aka BYTM) have created a pretty nifty was to check your tyres, DIY style.

Like most women, we can safely assume you know next to nix about tyres. Thing is, you can use some handy-dandy items easily found in the bottom of your bag to check them out all by yourself.

Whether it’s your nail file, hair comb or even a good old Lady Jayne bobby pin, just look for the groove on your tyre and gently wedge it in; if the depth of your tyre is less than 2mm, it’s time to high tail it to your nearest BJTM.

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Sneak peak of 2017 Pirelli Calendar

When you’re talking about the ultimate in celebrity endorsement, you can’t go past the famous Pirelli Calendar.

Tyres have never looked so good with the soon to be released 2017 calendar snapped by world renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh on location in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Le Touquet (North of Paris) and in New York.

Dating back to 1963, the Pirelli calendar is well known for not only showcasing the world’s most beautiful models photographed within - but for the photographers who shoot it.

This year, however, the line up is more movie star than model with snaps of A-list actresses featuring such names as our very own Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman, Robin Wright and Penelope Cruz Sanchez gracing the month by month pages.

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It's Time for a Tyre Check

There is only one thing more boring on the face of this planet than cricket, and that’s tyres. You can shine, style and soup them up all you like, but at the end of the day (and that day is looooong for most women), all roads lead back to Snoozeville. Women simply are not that interested in tyres. Yet we should be. And here’s why:

Sorry to be the Richie Benaud of the automotive world. However, we need to have a serious conversation. Sure we all know the tyres on our car keep us safe – yeah, yeah, we get it already. But do you?

Driving on bad tyres can result in you losing control of your vehicle, and can cause a serious accident – and we are meant to check them every fortnight! The reality of buying and maintaining the right tyres on your car can truly be the difference between life and death, and at some point, all tyres will start to lose performance in terms of their traction and braking ability. It’s time to tread carefully, sisters.

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Review Bad Moms

At the time of writing, Bad Moms has apparently already made almost $56 million big ones at the box office and it’s my bet it will double, triple and even inspire a TV series. Yes, sisters, it’s. that. good.

Think the Hangover meets Sex and the City – Bad Moms is crass, irreverent and confronting, yet oh so relatable it will make you squirm in your seat on more than a few occasions. And just like SATC, if you’re a Mum, you’ll see yourself in at least one (if not all) of the main characters which can uncomfortable, comforting and hilarious all at the same time.

Continuing on with our SATC comparison, the main characters could be Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte (ditching Miranda, I mean, who ever liked her anyway?) but are now Mums living in the burbs. Amy, Carla and Kiki but ‘living the dream’ of the white picket fence variety, swapping their Manolo’s for Kumfs and their Cosmopolitans for long blacks, their days as Moms are tedious, long and unfulfilled.

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